Teaching Reading

Guided Reading at West Monkton


Guided Reading forms an integral component in the teaching of reading at West Monkton C.E Primary School along with other aspects of learning in literacy such as speaking and listening, writing and other areas of reading such as shared reading and home reading.

What is Guided Reading?

Guided Reading is the structure used to support children in becoming better readers by reading with fluency, expression and building on comprehension skills of inference and deduction.  The teacher organises the children into guided reading groups and is responsible for the planning, running and assessment.  Teachers choose texts that cover a range of reading genres that support and challenge children’s reading capabilities.


  • There should be a minimum of 3 Guided Reading sessions per week & each session should last 25-30 minutes.
  • Each group will work with an adult at least once per week.
  • Children are organised into guided reading groups (these may be mixed ability groups).
  • Teachers will produce a plan to go with each text. Plans will have targeted questions that link with the updated curriculum reading content domains.
  • Independent activities (those activities carried out when the group is not working with the teacher) should be of high quality and have a clear objective to move the children’s learning on (these could relate to reading, phonics/spelling or handwriting).


  • Each teacher must keep a class Guided Reading folder which will contain lists of reading groups, assessment tracking grids and completed plans.
  • Each child should have a Guided Reading book to keep a record of any activities carried out during the sessions.
  • Each session with an adult should have clearly identified questions that challenge the groups comprehension abilities. Adults should assess each child’s competency on an assessment tracking sheet (using triangle or traffic light method of recording).  Tracking sheets should have the name of the book & dates at the top to ensure equal coverage of texts.  Tracking sheets should show coverage in all curriculum content domains and should be changed at least once each term.
  • At the end of each half term the teacher should use the assessment tracking sheets to update their data on SPTO (whole school assessment tool)


  • Teachers are responsible for the planning and preparation of resources/texts needed for each session.
  • When texts are used from Guided Reading packs, resources must be put back correctly.
  • Teacher’s are responsible for ensuring children take care of resources and must inform the Subject Co-ordinator if any books are lost/damaged asap.
  • Any resources that are provided to support guided reading must be taken care of and used effectively within sessions.

Responsibility of the Subject Leader

  • To support and work with colleagues on any aspect of guided reading.
  • To facilitate with planning and selection of resources where needed.
  • To keep up to date with and inform staff of new developments in reading through staff meetings and informal discussion.
  • To ensure staff keep resources in a central area organised and keep colleagues informed of the range of materials available.
  • To liaise with the Headteacher and Literacy Link Governor on a regular basis, reporting any developments to the Education Committee.
  • To track children’s progress in reading across the school through SPTO and any other assessment data.
  • To monitor guided reading planning and observe the teaching of guided reading in line with the School Development Plan.