School Development Plan

At West Monkton we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and we are continually evaluating our performance and identifying actions for improvement to better meet the needs of our pupils and achieve greater outcomes.  The Headteacher in conjunction with the senior leadership team and governors regularly evaluates the schools’ performance against the key Ofsted judgements of 2014 with the vision of improving efficiency and creating a calm sustainable environment for pupils to thrive and learn:

We have consolidated the key areas of judgement by Ofsted into the following four areas in the SDP:

  1. Managing Change
  2. Raising Attainment
  3. Maintaining Good Teaching and Learning
  4. Action Research

School Development Plan 2016-17 (pdf)

The school uses a range of evidence collected over time, including internal and external monitoring and moderation activities, in order to make a judgement and identify next steps.  The schools most recent self-evaluation provides an overall view of where West Monkton is now and areas where improvement is projected through planned actions.  A copy of the form can be accessed here:

Self-Evaluation (pdf)