Curriculum statement

Our curriculum is built around the following principles:

  • As a Church of England School with a Christian foundation, the Christian Values are at the heart of all that we do at West Monkton, notably the Fruits of the Spirit. This includes focusing on particular Christian values with each unit of work. This may be interwoven across the curriculum and/or delivered discretely. During each unit, Collective Worship also focuses on the same specific values, using stories from the bible and lives of Christians. We encourage children to apply these values in their everyday lives and interactions in school.
  • The curriculum is designed to provide an enriching context in which children are encouraged to apply skills taught in the core curriculum to other curriculum areas.
  • Each unit is based around a high quality book and emphasises the importance and the joy of reading.
  • Our curriculum is built around shared experiences, which provide a context from which all children can learn. Each unit starts with an Entry Point, these may be in school, using visitors or going on visits.
  • As a school that fully believes in being inclusive we aim to have a curriculum designed to meet the learning needs of all children. We do this by involving the children in all stages of the planning process.
  • The voice of the pupil is intended to be central to curriculum learning, this is enabled by pupil involvement at the planning stage of each unit, identifying key questions and exploring pupil’s interests through lines of enquiry. This is also an essential part of the day to day delivery in which pupils are engaged in their own learning through considering their own success criteria, assessing their own and their peers learning and considering next steps.
  • Units are planned in five week blocks. The intention is to overcome the challenge of unequal term lengths which can both cause learning to lag at the end of a long unit or to feel that learning is rushed through a short unit. This also ensures regular shared experiences, through each new starting point and numerous opportunities to use and share new skills through exit points.
  • Each unit ends with an Exit Point. This is an opportunity for children to demonstrate new skills learnt and to share their learning with peers and often with parents. Some exit points will be low key and others much larger.
  • Opportunities to learn through the creative arts and perform are planned as part of the curriculum, with each phase of the school producing a performance through the year. EYFS and KS1 performing Christmas Nativities, LKS2 performing a production at the end of the Spring Term and UKS2 performing at the end of the Summer Term at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre.
  • Throughout the curriculum we look to use local resources to enhance the curriculum, such as Hestercombe House and The Museum of Somerset (using their Take One project as a Unit of Work each year).

As well as the information provided on the website, which gives an overview of the intended learning covered in each unit, a letter is sent out each term giving more detail, these can be found in the letters section of the website.

Curriculum plan

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