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Ian Robinson – Headteacher (SMT)

James Blackmore – Deputy Headteacher (SMT)

Michelle Manning – LKS2 Assistant Headteacher / Year 4 teacher

Nick Benbow – UKS2 Assistant Headteacher / Year 5 teacher

Sue Martin – KS1 Assistant Headteacher / Year 2 teacher

Lisa Lonsdale – School Business Manager (SMT)

Louisa Blackmore – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Molly Bailey
Nick Benbow
Hannah Collier
Ellie Curson
Lucy Lawrence
Andrea Lloyd
Liza Mackay
Michelle Manning
Sue Martin
Amy Wicks
Paige Merrick
Helen Newstead
Abbie Paling
Janet Ross
Leanne Ward

Pam Bater
Emma Burton
Lina Downs
Helen Dummett
Mia Edmunds
Fiona Gallagher
Kadie Sealey
Rebecca Lang
Jo Lunn
Toni Morrison
Sarah Nicolle
Jo Powell
Sarah Taylor
Mia Tipper
Maxine Walker
Anne Mosdell
Lucy Evans
Laura Roberts
Tanzy Watkins
Gemma Ball

Eleanor Hunt – Acting SBM
Kim Larsson –Senior Office Administrator
Caroline Sampson – Finance Administrator
Helen Jessep – School & Nursery Administrator

Rob Bedwell – Catering Manager
Claire Gilbert – Kitchen Manager/Cook
Natasha Thorne – Cook
Nicola Higgs – Cook
Judith Taylor – Supervisor

Lunchtime Assistants:

Allison Vidler
Maxine Lewis
Mandy Miller
Amy West
Cora Enright
Beth Fox
Emma Freeman
Kirsty Cox
Sarah Elvy

Many of our teaching support team and 1:1 staff also support lunchtimes.

Emma Burton
Mia Edmunds
Maxine Walker
Alison Vidler
Gemma Ball

Pam Bater
Fiona Gallagher
Judith Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Amy West

Neil Martin – Caretaker
Marc Beale – Premises Manager

Kate Prinn – SENDCo
Louisa Blackmore – Pastoral Coordinator
Janella Garbutt – PFSA