Adverse Weather Update

Dear Parents,

With the hours of steady falling snow set to continue into the early hours of tomorrow and the Meteorological Office now issuing a Red Alert Warning for the South West, which in particular sits over the top of the Taunton region, we have made the decision to extend the closure into Friday. We are sorry not be able to share a snowy day with the children but hope that parents and grandparents are making the most of the snow. We may not see snow like this again for another five years.

I am sure after the time outside there will be time in the warm to fill and the teachers have suggested some things that children can do, some of which tie in nicely with our dragon themed week.  please see attached.

Perhaps you could also go for a snowy walk, make snow dragons, find some pretty snowy scenes and send us some pictures for our Facebook page and we can share some of them with our community.

Please note World Book Day will be postponed to a later date.  More details will be communicated next week.

For no make the most of the snow and keep safe and we will hopefully, weather permitting, see everyone on Monday.

Activities for EYFS – KS1
Activities for LKS2
Activities for UKS2